Are There Any Yoga Gurus That Can Be Trusted

Mark Whitwell

Mark Whitwell is a yoga teacher who has done much to move yoga away from rigours of Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga, and bring in a more person-focused and more powerful yoga. He is a follower of Krishnamacharya and does much to spread his teachings. However, I have just read a courageous article by a student of his, Christie Roe. It is about Mark and it is devastating.

This is the article, it is not a pleasant read…

[Breath to Speak] –Christie Roe (on Medium)

This web site originated with my writing about men and masculinity. I let that go a couple of years ago to focus on my spiritual development and my desire to go deeper into my life-long love of yoga. I had imagined that yoga would bring in touch with more heart-focused, compassionate and open men–I relished the prospect. Oh what a disappointment, what a tragedy