What is the Thing about Isolation?

US UK isolation

The US and the UK are returning to National Isolation. What is the big deal? Why the retreat in fear?

Graham Phoenix, in his political commentary Across The Pond, looks at the reducing role of the USA, from the other side of the Atlantic, as well as considering why the UK is so keen to follow its example. What is the death wish driving these two once great nations?

POTUS appears to be doing all in his power to engage the US in a withdrawal from the international scene. Considering that his personal political power is very limited it is extraordinary how quickly he is achieving it. The clearest example of this was his withdrawal from contact with other world leaders at the recent G20 summit in Germany. The only person he seemed to engage with was Putin, that fact begs an enormous number of questions. While this seems to be a personal crusade, it is frightening how many Americans seem to actively support him in this.

Meanwhile over this side of the Pond the UK is hell-bent on turning itself from a major power into a small, all-so-ran country floating just off the edge of Europe. BREXIT will ensure that the UK withdraws from the EU and will inevitably mean that it increasingly falls into the lap of the US sphere of influence. In the light of the advance of 45, this seems an amazing decision.

These two great nations were at the heart of the defeat of Hitler and the creation of a powerful and democratic Europe. Their experience has been forged in the creation of once great empires. Their knowledge and influence has mostly been international. Whilst it is understandable that they want to withdraw from their unsavoury empire-building years, it does not make sense that they want to fall back into isolationism.

The threat of terrorism and the advance of undemocratic leaders demands that nations that believe in freedom and democracy work together to create a peaceful world, not retreat from each other in fear.

This is a big issue that this column will seek to explore with a view to exposing the madness behind it.

Image Credit: Flickr/Nicholas Raymond (Creative Commons)