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Who Is Graham Phoenix?

I am Graham Phoenix and like many bloggers I have been inspired by Corbett Barr to expose myself and talk about me, talk about who the hell I am. I have also been inspired by Jayson Gaddis to be authentic and speak my shit.
Wow, that's a tall order, be real and open and myself. Like many, I write and expose myself on the internet because I am a passionate man, I feel strongly and, often, get angry about what I see and hear around me. So, I think, why the hell can't people think and feel like me? Why can't they see the truth? I am one of those arrogant people who think that I am right! I am Graham Phoenix.

Graham Phoenix - A Pattern

This has been a pattern in my life:


But then I am a compassionate man who loves and understands others. I am someone can empathise with others and see them where they are:


I have fun in my life, get drunk, have sex and laugh a lot.


I have had a lot of success in my life:


I have had many failures as well:


I have my peculiarities, the things that are just me:

Who Am I, Graham Phoenix?

So ultimately who am I, what makes me tick, what is life to me?

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