Alexander The Great – Visionary And Reader Of Omens

Recently I went on a trip to Turkey to look at some of the ancient sites connected with Alexander the Great. The lessons from Alexander are powerful for all of us.

He had an amazing vision of what he wanted to do in life, what he wanted to achieve. But, as we all know, moving from vision to reality can be a trial. You need certainty that what you are doing is right and you need to be able to bring your followers along with you knowing they will trust you.

Alexander used the gods and omens to confirm what he was doing as he was putting his vision into action. He deliberately modelled himself on Achilles the great mythological hero. Aligning himself with Achilles gave him stature and helped him get total respect from his men.

He would interpret events around him as omens for his battles ahead, before the great battle of Gaugamela he saw an eagle flying high in the sky, for him an omen of coming success.

Yesterday I was sitting outside after eating lunch talking with Urmila about my plans for my new product on Graham Reid Phoenix. I am bringing out an online course for men teaching them ‘How To Love A Woman’ and ‘How To Be The Man Who Can Be With A Woman’. The details are finaling coming together and I am getting excited about the possibilities of marketing it to the wider world.

Just at that point Urmila stopped and pointed to the sky. There was a hawk flying high in the sky, circling on the thermals above the valley below.

We have been here over a year and this is the first time we have seen anything like this.

It circled higher and higher and flew over the top of us before flying off into the distance. This was an omen, there is no doubt in my mind. It shows the success that is lying in wait and it shows that on it I will fly higher and higher.

The effect has been amazing. The commitment is total.

Below is a video from the trip to Turkey where I talk about Alexander’s lesson for me.