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My name is Graham Reid Phoenix and I write about men and their relationship to health, fitness and masculinity. I write about how to connect the dots in lives of men, how they can experience their inner power and be in control of their life.

Graham Reid Phoenix

Iwrite about my experience, with my successes and failures. It is my view of men and masculinity. I speak to men about themselves, encouraging them to drop the mask. Most importantly I help them to create change, and I encourage their growth.

My vision is to create men who are aware of themselves and present. I would like more men to question their motivation and see themselves objectively. I want them to be open to change and embrace new ideas and approaches. I want them to become aware of their effect on others and temper their strength. My vision is that men are comfortable in their masculinity and take action on themselves.

How Can I Help?

I am here to help you stop wondering and start living on purpose, to help you see where you are as a person. I know how frustrating it can be to not be where you want to be, I can help you get clarity.

I know how difficult it can be to know where you want to go, but not know how to get there. I can help you clarify the steps you need to take that will enable you to change.

My Life

My life started with a wild life in the theatre. I was a production electrician and a lighting designer. The creativity I learned is the basis of everything I do in life.

This was followed by a career as an architectural lighting designer. Many of the stresses of this period are explored in my writing.

I am now in a second marriage and a new career as a writer and broadcaster on and for men.

In many ways I have come full circle back to helping people and living with no roots, back to being Graham Phoenix, but in between I have developed a rich life and a deep understanding of myself and how I relate to others. I have spent my life communicating with the result that I have an enormous circle of friends and colleagues who love what I do.

If you want to read my full story read my detailed biography.

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