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My name is Sat Purusha (formerly Graham Reid Phoenix). I write about masculinity, spirituality and transformation. I encourage men to drop their mask and I encourage everyone to create change and grow.

my dogs taught me to be a man

Being A Man – My Dogs Taught Me How To Lead

Dogs choose their leader. They do it by recognising the energy and the strength of the top dog. Yes, they fight amongst themselves for it, but usually it’s just a display of confidence, there is no compulsion.

become a man in 21 days

How to Become A Man in 21 Days, and Feel Amazing in the Process

Men, you get advice all the time about how to live, but you are wasting your time unless you take action. You need to look at your life and change it if the advice is going to mean anything.

a new vision of masculinity

A New Vision of Masculinity. How Can It Be Created?

Masculinity is a contentious subject. The concept of masculinity creates division and confusion. A new vision is needed, one that brings men and women together. A vision that supports both men and women.

kali and tantra

Kali and Tantra – Lessons for Men

In Tantra one thing has had a powerful effect on me, that is the special relationship between men and women. The story of Kali draws powerful lessons for men from this. Men will be well to look further into this to improve their relationships.

how women test men

How Women Test Men – How Do Men Respond?

There are three men Tom, Dick and Harry. How do they react to women, how do they react to the female? This is a key indicator of how much they understand women. It is a key to their masculinity.


10 Men Who Can’t Love, Is That You?

Men and love, it’s important to consider the men who find love difficult. The men who, therefore, can’t find love. These men exist and tend to cause chaos in their attempts at relationships with women.

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