Masculinity Characteristics—Are They Nurture Or Nature?

When I first started thinking about my masculinity I was confused, no not in that way but from the perspective of understanding all the different approaches put forward.

There are alpha males, daddy bloggers, men’s rights activists, male feminists, PUA’s, football fans, and many others. Was I supposed to take sides? Was I supposed to take on a new identity? What was the right way? Was there a right way?

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5 Questions To Reclaim Your Life

I focus on my inner soul and my relationships with others, I focus on what kind of person I am.

I live in the hills of Andalucia, a region of heat and dry landscapes. I have two dogs with me that love to go walking and hunting in the hills. They are outside dogs who have a wide ranging territory of rocks, heather and rough ground.

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Sex Tonight – 10 Ways To Woo Your Woman

Sex is important to men, not just because it's fun, but also because it's a way of establishing a deep connection with women.

I want sex tonight, we all want sex tonight but we want the right kind of sex. We don’t want the old, macho, sex where we just go for quick pleasure. We don’t want to dominate our woman and hope she enjoys herself. We don’t want to hope for the best, hope that we get it right, hope our desire is returned.

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Honour Your Shadow And Change The World

My background is in lighting design. I have spent many years designing lighting for buildings such as museums and cathedrals and, in the process, influencing and improving people's lives.

Through this I have come to understand the totality of what light means to us all, both as a physical entity and as a spiritual concept. Light is the most basic thing in our lives.

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The Shift – Does it work for you?

I talk a lot about my shift, my discovery of myself as a man, my realisation about masculinity.

In ‘When I let Go I became a Man’ I talked about how I realised I was completely failing when I was pleading with my lover. Then things changed inside me, I understood myself, I stepped into uncertainty. I didn’t need her any more, I didn’t need the certainty. I didn’t need someone else to make me who I was. I was sufficient.

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Sexual Polarity – Is It Necessary?

I was sitting in the foyer of the hotel waiting for her. Thinking about what had been happening between us, I felt good.

It was the end of the day. Things were moving on, we were spending time together. I was looking for something from her to encourage what I felt. She came, there was just no polarity between us, she felt, no electricity, no excitement…

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Aching Joints, How They Can Renew Your Life

aching joints

I have been through an extraordinary journey of pain, with severe aching joints.

Pain made me worried about the future, about my age, but it turned out to be about control, internal control, and the slow release of that is letting the pain go. That letting go is creating a feeling inside me which is amazing.

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