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This is a memoir of my life, my spiritual development. It is about how I have grown from loneliness to aloneness. It reveals my struggles with seeking answers and explores what made me the man I am.

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1.2 Coping with the Physical and with Perfection

The story of my physical existence and how my body tried to rule me. It tried to win but I found the way through, the way to my truth and the rest of my life. Experience this process with me.

1.3 The Running Away That Never Happened

I learned to seek something that had a sense of purpose, I will never stop seeking but I have stopped hiding. At first I ran away, but I was never serious about. The will to live was too strong in me.

1.4 Beaten Into Submission—How I Embraced Frustration

I will always have inside me the need to control and the tendency to anger, I have dad to thank for that. This was just a small area of frustration in my constant, unsucessful, attempts to be noticed and taken seriously.

1.5 Getting Away From The Screaming In My Head

I was sitting in my room contemplating a blank future, one I had not been prepared for. I have a memory of sitting in my room unable to simply get going. I sat, and nothing happened… nothing.

1.6 The Loneliness Of It All

I realise that I am not able to completely throw away what was central to me when I was young, no matter how much I now understand it was wrong. I did not know how to connect with people around me. I had the feeling of paralysis.

2.1 Finding My Voice—Becoming Creative

The need to dominate or control shifted into a desire to influence which became a love of teaching and inspiring. I saw that my place in the world was one of privilege and that I repaid this privilege whenever I could.

Posts 1 to 6 of 35

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