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This is a memoir of my life, my spiritual development. It is about how I have grown from loneliness to aloneness. It reveals my struggles with seeking answers and explores what made me the man I am.

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Embers of Illumination — The Book

This is the first draft of a book about A Journey from Loneliness to Aloneness. It was written post by post to develop a view of my life to the present day. In it I seek the answers to unkown questions.

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1.1 The Soul Is The Home Of The Spirit

My being transcends my inadequate mind and suffers with my flailing emotions. My being merges, for the present, with my spirit, my soul. But what is underneath, what is the truth.

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1.2 Coping with the Physical and with Perfection

The story of my physical existence and how my body tried to rule me. It tried to win but I found the way through, the way to my truth and the rest of my life. Experience this process with me.

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1.3 The Running Away That Never Happened

I learned to seek something that had a sense of purpose, I will never stop seeking but I have stopped hiding. At first I ran away, but I was never serious about. The will to live was too strong in me.

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1.4 Beaten Into Submission—How I Embraced Frustration

I will always have inside me the need to control and the tendency to anger, I have dad to thank for that. This was just a small area of frustration in my constant, unsucessful, attempts to be noticed and taken seriously.

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1.5 Getting Away From The Screaming In My Head

I was sitting in my room contemplating a blank future, one I had not been prepared for. I have a memory of sitting in my room unable to simply get going. I sat, and nothing happened… nothing.

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