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Masculinity is a core part of the ‘SatPurusha’. So the majority of the writing in it is about Masculinity and its relationship to men today. Many people see this as a controversial area, but the site works to bring clarity and sense to it.

Masculinity is an important area for men to consider. Bit it seems that he more men come to terms with their masculinity, the more the tension seems to grow between men and women. Yet, from the perspective looked at in the writing, this shift should bring them together. Often the stress and tension between men and women stem from misunderstanding and confusion. It, so often, comes from people seeing the world in terms that are too simplistic.

Masculinity varies for each man dependent on personality, family and culture. This results in a common thread of a set of characteristics that allow men to feel masculine. As a result men can accept that there is a core essence they are born with, and understand what it is. Then they can live that essence with authenticity. But it is crucial that men need to understand how family, friends and society have influenced them.

In celebrating the differences between men and women, they can treat others as equals. This comes from men understanding that social norms are models created by the dominant culture. They should feel no pressure to adhere to male stereotypes unless it is appropriate, but they should celebrate their masculinity.

Men should be bold in life, but they need to make sure it is an examined life. This means they can live a life that they stand by and are willing to defend. Of course, it is not the only answer, it is only a way, a direction.

my dogs taught me to be a man
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Being A Man – My Dogs Taught Me How

Dogs choose their leader. They do it by recognising the energy and the strength of the top dog. Yes, they fight amongst themselves for it, but usually it’s just a display of confidence, there is no compulsion.

become a man in 21 days
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How to Become A Man in 21 Days, and Feel Amazing in the Process

Men, you get advice all the time about how to live, but you are wasting your time unless you take action. You need to look at your life and change it if the advice is going to mean anything.

a new vision of masculinity
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A New Vision of Masculinity. How Can It Be Created?

Masculinity is a contentious subject. The concept of masculinity creates division and confusion. A new vision is needed, one that brings men and women together. A vision that supports both men and women.

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10 Men Who Can’t Love, Is That You?

Men and love, it’s important to consider the men who find love difficult. The men who, therefore, can’t find love. These men exist and tend to cause chaos in their attempts at relationships with women.

how women test men
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How Women Test Men – How Do Men Respond?

There are three men Tom, Dick and Harry. How do they react to women, how do they react to the female? This is a key indicator of how much they understand women. It is a key to their masculinity.

how to love a man
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How to Love a Man — 10 Steps for Women

Here is the lowdown for women on ‘How To Love A Man’. It is a necessary guide for today’s men. Men need to feel good about themselves and often don’t. They may live in their power but not be convinced by it.

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