the experience of men with change and challenge


Archive—How To Love A Woman Course

Have the courage to see your life as one that is worth living, worth enjoying and worth creating something from. This course will transform your view of yourself, transform how much you love yourself and develop your ability to be the man you really are.


Transform Your View Of Yourself

Session 1—Be In Your Core

Core Masculinity, Male Energy, Focus

Session 2—Understand Your Influences

Your Parents, Your Personalities, Your Attitudes

Session 3—Be Grounded

Self-Confidence, Being Grounded, Loving Yourself

Session 4—Live In Your Power

Power, Strength, Compassion

Session 5—A Life of Purpose

Truth, Purpose, Uncertainty

Session 6—Live Your Passion

Change, Vision, Passion

Session 7—Understand Women

Understanding Men, Understanding Women, Emotions

Session 8—Be A Leader

Leadership, Influence, Freedom

Session 9—Be Present

Presence, Need, Control

Session 10—Have Sexual Polarity

Sex, Polarity, Physical Relationship

Session 11—Love Your Woman

Intimacy, Love, Emotional Relationships

Session 12—Be The Man

Personal Masculinity, Being Dynamic, Having Variety

Supplement—Masculine and Feminine Qualities

Exercise on Masculinity

Core of Masculinity Book