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Archive: How to Love a Woman Course

It is hard for men to find a role model of masculinity that challenges them and brings out the best in them. Today men can grow by undertaking a rite of passage through seeking their own transformation.

Course Overview — Introduction

Have the courage to see your life as one that is worth living, worth enjoying and worth creating something from. This course will transform your view of yourself, transform how much you love yourself and develop your ability to be the man you really are.

Session 1 — Be In Your Core

You will learn how to be in your core and discover your the masculinity you were born with. That is your starting point for the journey, what you will build on. You will come to feel your male energy, that drive that is deep down inside you.

Session 2 — Understand Your Influences

You will discover the influences that have affected your core masculinity. Your parents will have exerted the most immediate and basic influence on you. You will learn how it has helped create many different personalities in you.

Session 3 — Be Grounded

You will learn that an essential quality in a man is the ability to be grounded. From this comes the ability to love and be loved. Your ability to love yourself is a requirement for moving forward. You will work on your self-confidence.

Session 4 — Live In Your Power

It is important for a man to live in his power and strength. It is the strength to be yourself and the power to stand up for who you are. To be able to fully live there, you need compassion. Compassion is what tempers your power and strength.

Session 5 — A Life of Purpose

You will learn to live a life of purpose. When you are on purpose, you can live your truth and be authentic in all you do. This enables you to live in the uncertainty that demands vulnerability. Vulnerability that is not weak but strong.