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Have the courage and strength to see your life as one that is worth living, worth enjoying and worth creating something from. This course will transform your view of yourself, transform how much you love yourself and develop your ability to be the man you really are. It will develop your ability to be authentic and to grow the masculinity that is already inside you.

Session 1: Be In Your Core

In ‘Be In Your Core’ you will learn how to be in your core. You will discover your core masculinity, the masculinity you were born with. That is your starting point for the journey. That is what you will build on. You will come to feel your male energy, that drive that is deep down inside you. You will learn about focus. Focus is the first of the essential male qualities that I introduce. Focus is crucial. Focus is often what defines a man.

Session 2: Understand Your Influences

In ‘Understand Your Influences’ you will discover and learn to understand the influences that have affected your core masculinity. Core masculinity is only what you start with, it changes through your life. Your parents will have exerted the most immediate and basic influence on you. You will come to understand that and learn how it has helped create many different personalities in you. It is important for you to meet those personalities and get to resolve the issues between them. You will look at your attitudes to life, and how they have affected you and your relationships with others.

Session 3: Be Grounded

In ‘Be Grounded’ you will learn that another essential quality in a man is the ability to be grounded. From the solidity of this grounding comes the ability to love and be loved. Where these collide is in self-love. Your ability to love yourself is a basic requirement for moving forward on this journey. You will work on your self-confidence, allowing you to be able to love yourself and therefore, love others. It is crucial that you get this right and that you understand this process.

Session 4: Live In Your Power

In ‘Live In Your Power And Strength, Don’t Abuse It’ I show that it is important for a man to live in his power and strength. This is where many men go wrong, but it is where men need to live. It is the strength to own and be yourself and the power to stand up for who and what you are. To be able to fully live there, you need compassion. Compassion is what tempers your power and strength. Compassion eliminates any tendency to become dominant. Balance between strength and compassion is crucial.

Session 5: A Life of Purpose

In ‘Live A Life Of Purpose’ you will learn that everyone should live a life of purpose but this is especially true for men. Whether you think purpose is divinely inspired or not, you need to find it. When you are on purpose, you can live your truth and be authentic in all you do. This, in turn, enables you to live in uncertainty and embrace it. Uncertainty demands vulnerability. Vulnerability that is not weak but strong. It is the vulnerability that enables you to stand up without fear.