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Venice Conversations

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Graham and his wife Urmila, who were on their honeymoon, met up with Chris to work on Graham's course for men on 'How To Love A Woman'. They recorded these sessions over two days while having breakfast and lunch at a typical street cafe.

These powerful conversations can transform your life and relationships. Men, listen to them and be rewarded tremendously. Women, share them with the men in your life. They have the sounds of the street surrounding the restaurant in Venice we are dining in. This is done to infuse them with the romance of this city, while you learn the insights that can set you free to love powerfully and authentically as a man.

Day 1 Breakfast

Masculine and Feminine Energy.

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Day 1 Lunch

Relationships and Tantra

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Day 2 Breakfast

Addiction, Boundaries and Intimacy

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Day 2 Lunch

Sex, Domination and Mid-life Crisis

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Chris Howard

Chris said the following about these conversations:

I first met Graham in Las Vegas where he attended one of my trainings and we have been great friends ever since. One day we met up in Venice, Italy, to do some work together. I spent four days with Graham and his wife Cheta Urmila and we were able to expand the vision for Graham's work with men dramatically.

Graham had been putting online a 40 day challenge over the previous period of Lent, the contemplative time leading up to Easter. It just so happens that it takes about that same amount of time to create a new habit. I know this from my own personal experience, because contemplation and yoga are a fixed part of my day. It is great to have a focus such as this challenge to get you into that.

Now, Graham has re-worked the 40 day challenge to expand the reach of what is out there for men as well as a way to get there. During this process we had a series of conversations during our stay in Venice, Italy. It happened that Graham and Cheta were there on their honeymoon as well as working with me.

Over the years, I have come to understand, appreciate and admire the depth of knowledge Graham has on the subject of masculinity. This has enabled him to develop his own body of thought. This was already powerfully present during our time in Venice and has now found its way into this great book.One of my favourite quotes is this, "If anything is humanly possible, consider it to be within your reach!" These conversations will bring personal masculinity within your reach.