Category: Spirituality

Spirituality is a core section of ‘SatPurusha’. Spirituality in relation to Men and their Masculinity. People often see Spirituality as a feminine, weak concept, but this is truly not so. There is a great strength in Spirituality, a strength that can help a man find his way in the world.

Yoga and Meditation are a vital aspect of this view of life. Yoga originated to enable men to be able to sit still in meditation for hours. Sit without the body interfering with the depth of the meditation. Then meditation can become about stilling the mind and touching Universal Consciousness.

Allowing the body to be still is the essence of Yoga. It enables the body to truly relax. While this seems simple anyone who meditates regularly will attest to it being elusive. A focus on this during yoga practice means looking for the ‘Still Point’. This is the place where you are relaxed and alive. The place where the muscles are in balance and where you can forget about the pose and focus deep within. It is the space between action and reaction in your body.

Many men find their masculinity in aggression, whether emotional or physical. They then find it difficult to let this go for fear of appearing weak. Other men, conversely, give up in the face of all the negativity associated with being masculine. Their inertia turns them into weak men. Neither holds the key to a more humane masculinity.

When a man looks at himself with compassion he achieves balance. It allows him to see his effect on the world and how the world sees him.