executive order on immigrants

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executive order on immigrants

Executive Order on Immigrants—International Reaction

Political Leaders around the world reacted in strong terms to the closing of the United States Borders to certain immigrants. As a nation that values tolerance, diversity and freedom, we cannot just say: ‘It’s not our problem’.

boycott the United States

I Intend To Boycott The United States Of America

I propose to implement a withdrawal from American politics and culture and focus on Europe. If you live outside the US consider joining me and if you live in the US please accept, and support, the necessity of this approach.

the day Christmas died

The Day Christmas Died

Christmas is a time for family celebrations until it becomes a weapon in a family battle. It was clear that things were bad. There was no way he could hide any of it or pretend any more. It was such a relief to let it all out at last.

ode to joy

Ode to Joy – Sometimes the Old Ones are the Best Ones

I look at the power of ‘Ode to Joy’ written in 1785 by German poet, Friedrich Schiller. As you read it, feel your soul and sense the joy there. That’s where the hope for our future is.

graham phoenix / sat purusha

Who Is Graham Phoenix?

I am Graham Phoenix and like many bloggers I have been inspired by Corbett Barr to expose myself and talk about me, talk about who the hell I am. I have also been inspired by Jayson Gaddis to be authentic and speak my shit.

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