Coaching for Men

I offer coaching for men who are committed to change in their life.

I offer this programme of Coaching for Men to enable you to live your life to the full, make your mark in the world and step out as the man you truly are. You are a man who wants to live a passionate, independent life and who wants to integrate your life and your relationship because success. I coach through my knowledge, experience and intuition, I challenge the status quo and I offer unique solutions. I am an expert on relationships, masculinity and the intersection of certainty and vulnerabiility.

The Programme of Coaching for Men

Working with me you will experience a shift in your relationships with colleagues, friends, family and partner. You will experience power in your life and gain control over it. You will live life out loud and be fully present with others. Your friends and family will notice significant change in how you show up as a man. You will stand with confidence, walk tall, be powerful with compassion, and speak your truth.

Possibilities will open up in your life that you had only dreamed of, they will now become realities. You will see the journey you need to make to realise the vision that creates, for you, a journey of passion.

The programme of Coaching for Men is based on a three step program:


Every human has self awareness and creative imagination. These give us the power to change.Stephen Covey

What is your personality, what are your core beliefs? How did your upbringing affect you and constrain your development? What are you passionate about and what affects you deeply?