What Is The Point Of Creativity In Writing?

On the whole there are only three reasons for writing online; making money, creating a brand or a love of writing/creativity. The important thing, though, is to keep at it, to keep writing as if your life depended on it.

I have put my life into this site. I fill my mind with creative ideas and put them online. Why do I do it? What do I get out of it? What is the point of creativity in writing?

The Process of Creativity

There is nothing wrong with any of these reasons except if you are not having any success but keep bashing on with the reason. There is another reason, what you might call a meta-reason. That is a process of creativity that is about searching for the purpose of the creativity. You might call this the "I don't know why the hell I do this" reason.

Many years ago I chose to be a theatre lighting designer to make a mark in the world. I was working in the theatre but I was not satisfied with just doing a job. I had a need, a hunger, to be someone, to do something that might be remembered. Lighting design seemed like something I could handle that was sufficiently creative.

This feeling has been with me ever since and has driven much of what I do. It drives me still as I write here, as I expose my life here.

What is the Point of Life?

Asking, 'What Is The Point Of Creativity In Writing?' is a bit like asking, 'What Is The Point Of Life?'

Do you know why you are here? Do you know what your life is for?

Most people I meet just do not know the answers to these questions, certainly most men I meet do not know beyond ideas of doing a job or making a living. I understand this because I was seduced away from just being creative into running a business to make money.

This approach did not get me very far—I did not make a lot of money! I guess that was because it was not my major motivation—I wanted to be creative, but I lost the map.

Being creative is the core of existence and it taps into the core of the Universe.

I cannot see the point of just existing, the point of suppressing our creative urges because there seems no point.

Creativity—whether it is writing, making music, painting or other activity—is the building block of a stimulating existence, the power behind growth and development. I can sit and watch the sunset and love the peace and quiet of my home but inside are ideas pushing to appear. The view and the peace and quiet are the drivers of my desire to find a way to express what I am feeling.

I ignore these at my peril.

Communicating Ideas

What am I trying to achieve in being creative? Is it just to express my inner thoughts or do I have another purpose, should there be another purpose?

On a simple level the expressing of the ideas is sufficient in itself. They need to be published/issued/made available so they can be seen/consumed by other people. the major point of being creative is to make the results available for other people to read, see or hear.

But is that enough?

On a deeper level there needs to be a reason that other people would want to experience these ideas and if there is a reason there needs to be an effort to get the results in front of people. Further than this there needs to be the ability to spend the time to achieve these reasons.

I write to communicate my ideas on living to people out there. I think that I have a unique approach to how I experience life that can help many people. I have ideas on being a man, on having a relationship, on creativity and on how to live an intentional life.

I know from my experience to date that the people who actually implement the ideas experience improvement in the quality of their life.

But the trick is to get them to experience what it might be to embrace change and shift the focus of their life.

Reasons for Writing Online

That kind of brings us full circle back to where I started.

On the whole there are only three reasons for writing online: making money, creating a brand, a love of writing/creativity.

Leaving the meta-reason behind, getting other people to experience and implement my creative ideas will only happen if I focus on achieving them. This reveals the hidden core behind the three reasons

Making Money

Making money is a powerful driver in several ways. It can create the space to grow and develop the ideas, as long as you do not get hung up on the purely business side. It motivates you as the creator and justifies what you do. More importantly it focuses the mind of the people spending the money. In my experience clients who spend less are less motivated.

Creating A Brand

This is about building authority so that people will seek you out and listen to what you say. A brand helps people to know what you are talking about and what you are trying to achieve. That gives people certainty that they should listen to you.

A Love Of Creativity

This makes what you do interesting and fascinating. People want to listen to you and understand you. They think that creativity is hard and can only be carried out by a few people. They love to try to understand how and why you do it. Let us face it you are reading this article...

I fill my mind with creative ideas and put them online. Why do I do it? What do I get out of it? What is the point?

Because I get a kick out of it and because you get to change your life because of it.

What I do would be improved if I made money out of it, but that is for another time...