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Day 25 — Can You Now Accept Who You Are?

You started this period of acceptance by looking at different parts of yourself. You have been through a process of accepting the process of change so you can bring all parts of yourself into alignment.

Be Happy With Yourself

In doing this you are accepting who you are, in all aspects, and accepting a process of change that will keep you in alignment.

The purpose of all this is for you to be happy with yourself, to feel good about yourself and create a basis for the amazing life you want to lead. This ability to be at one with who you are is an essential pre-cursor to growing as a man.

How would your life shift if you were able to find success? How would you feel if you could have love and passion in your relationship? What difference would it make if you felt respected by your peers? All these come from a basis of happiness and acceptance.

The happiest people in the world are those who feel absolutely terrific about themselves, and this is the natural outgrowth of accepting total responsibility for every part of their life.

Brian Tracy

I Am My Own Solution

When I realised that all I needed in life was in me already my approach to life underwent a complete shift.

I stopped looking and started living. I continued to educate myself but I no longer needed to seek the answers, I knew them already.

I am happy with all that I am and yet I need to look at issues still. I am able to do that without disturbing my acceptance of myself because I know the answers are already somewhere in my consciousness. I am my own solution.

This process of accepting who I am was critical in my resolving the difficulties in my life. There are always physical issues that I am working on but I find that the structure of my life is solid. I accepted responsibility for my life and all that was going on in it. I found that I was the architect of my life and that I was the one who could change it. I no longer question who I am, I live with it.