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Day 33 — How Are You And Your Family?

Your family of origin is where you find your first role models, and where you first form your personality. Much of what you have been looking at has been about dealing with the issues raised during this learning phase.

Your Uncertainties

This creates the basis for how you are with the family you create. In many ways you act out what you learnt many years previously. You think you avoid the mistakes your parents made but frequently you compound them. You like to think you bring up your sons to be men, men in the way you weren't. Often you visit your own uncertainties on your sons, your own lack of grounding as a man.

Even if you don't have children you still influence those around you, even distant family.

You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them.

Desmond Tutu

My Life of Dominance

I learnt anger from my father and passed it to my sons.

Who knows where this anger started, how many generations back. In many ways I see my role as breaking the chain, but whether I have learnt this early enough is an important question. I now understand how it works, but only after my sons have grown up, is it too late or have I made my contribution to how they are already?

I know I created my own life of dominance and control within my family. It was my own little kingdom where I ruled! I found that this never worked, all that was created was resentment and suppression; not a good idea.

When I came to value my family as human beings I was able to develop a true relationship with them. The extent to which I do is in my hands but at least I know I have created the space to do this within. Being a father to my sons gives me no rights but many responsibilities. When I take these seriously I can know them at last.