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Day 19 — What Are You Willing To Do To Change?

Is it necessary to change? Isn't it easier to stay as I am? I am sure that this is in the minds of many men. It's taken so much to get where they are, do they really need to go further. No, if they just want to keep doing the same old thing.

What Do You Want?

It depends what you want, where you want to go, what you want to achieve. If you want to open up your life and inspire others then change is just the starting price. If you want to see change in others you have to start with yourself. If you want to see the world develop and grow and you want to see action on the problems in this world, then change is absolutely essential.

Change of yourself is what empowers others. You should see yourself, always, as an example to others.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

Mohandas Gandhi

An Inspiring Prospect

After 40 years as a lighting designer I knew I needed to move on.

I knew what I was and I knew what I could be. Writing and publishing this site is part of me becoming what I can be. To do it I needed to let go of my lifetime career and passion, my income, my clients and colleagues. I needed to focus and drive the idea forward, I needed to clear my mind and put all my love and passion into it.

What stretches before me is an exciting, inspiring and frightening prospect. Bridges are burnt and I am out on the road writing, speaking and networking.

Why am I going through this change, because I see men looking for help and support, help and support that I can give. I see men needing to understand who they are and where they are in the world, guidance I can offer. I see things needing to change, so I must change.