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Day 40 — What Will Life Look Like Now?

This is the last day of the cycle. Thank you to all those who have followed along the journey. At the end I have written about those readers who followed the journey with some of the insights they had along the way.

Moving Forward

You have asked yourself many questions and had many insights in the course of this series. It started with a period of Awareness, looking at what you are inside, what your emotions tell you. You then went through a period of Acceptance, finding the ability to be comfortable with what you found out about yourself. This is the end of a period of Authenticity, looking at how you are to others and how you live your life.

What will your life look like now, moving forward? Will you change who or how you are? Will you take the thoughts and lessons from the series and integrate them into your

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.

Maria Robinson

An Amazing Journey

I constantly start again with my life.

My surname is Phoenix; for me it is a significant name. The myth of the Phoenix rising from its own ashes is a constant reminder to me that I can rise from the ashes of my own life. No stage in life is final for me, I can always start again building from what I was before. I do this every time I re-look at myself and re-consider who I am.

The process of running this series online and transferring it to this book has been an amazing journey for me. I have looked at my life and re-considered many aspects of it. Through this journey I have come to new realisations about my passion in writing. I will extend the writing I do into a full business that will influence millions.

I have gained new enthusiasm and developed many ideas. The process of writing every day through periods of stress, learning and travel has encouraged me to believe I can do a lot more than I am doing now.