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Day 8 — Mind: Beliefs

Out of the mess and confusion of my upbringing and education what beliefs have I developed? What has come out of this for me? Where has this led me? I believe that I have a gift to be able to look at life see and the patterns. I believe that I can control my life, that I can decide what I am going to do. I may not control the outcome, that is often in the hands of other people or the collective universal consciousness. What I can control is the effort and energy I put into whatever I do. Often that energy is enough to achieve what I want, but not always.

The Law of Intention

Some years ago I studied with the Oneness University at Tony Robbins' resort in Fiji and at the Oneness University in India. One of the important lessons I learned is how to turn your intentions into reality.

It is fashionable today to use intention or manifestation to create what you want. Many people think that as long as you think something for long enough, or hard enough, it will happen. They are often disappointed when nothing results.

So how can you make the Law of Intention work for you?

This is where the teaching from Oneness comes in. They taught me that there are three elements in this process.


This is the part that everyone understands. I have learned that it is necessary to clearly state my intentions. I write them down and put them where I can read them often, where I can remind myself of them.


This is the tough part. I have to do whatever I can to bring the intentions about. It is not enough that I state my intentions and move on, I have to make them part of my life.

Divine Grace

This is the part that comes from outside myself. This is the part that comes from my connection to the universal consciousness. This is the exciting part.

Unlimited Potential

I believe that my mind has unlimited potential and that it is in my hands to develop and use this potential.

When I moved from the theatre to architectural lighting I needed to develop my engineering knowledge. I took a college course in architectural lighting. I became fascinated by the mathematical background to what I did. I looked back at my schooling and discovered that maths had been my best subject until the school dropped it in favour of arts subjects. I started a degree course in maths at the Open University in the UK.

I delved deep into pure maths, logic and systems and discovered a phenomenal world of thought at the edge of my understanding. It even touched on the basis of existence, something I had not expected. I finished with a First Class Honours degree, something I was so proud of.

Developing this potential has opened up the expanse of intellectual possibilities for me. This will never close down for me because I believe that the Universe has led me here to explore and help others to see what is possible.

Macro and Micro

I look at life from two perspectives at the same time, moving from one to the other as I explore what is before me. They are the big picture and the detail. I developed this approach working in lighting design. I used to switch between the concept, with the architect, and the installation, with the contractor.

I believe that this approach gives me a unique view of the world. As I gaze from 37,000 feet over the landscape of my ideas I see patterns and relationships that are not at first obvious. I link up issues and approaches that seem random and unrelated. I create magic. At the same time I see the finite details that makes each individual part of what I am looking at work. I can relate these details to the whole and help everything to mesh together.

I believe that this is a gift I have. To be able to look at a life, mine or someone else's, see the patterns and work into the detail of what is happening.

I love playing with my mind and exploring its unlimited potential.