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Day 11 — Mind: Effect

The effect of the exercising of my mind is to enable my creative power to do its work. My mind connects with the Universal Energy to channel thoughts and ideas to express themselves. In the grand scheme of things I am unable to know the effect of my contribution, but I know my contribution has an effect and always has done. I have experienced many examples of how my actions or my experience have inspired others even though I was not trying to do that.

Tony Robbins

I attended 'Date With Destiny', a Tony Robbins event where I spent five days re-designing my life. Later on in the event, at an open session with Tony, I stood up and spoke about the effect this was having on my life. I talked about how I had been trying to deal with the small screaming voice in my head. After I sat down I did not remember what I had said but knew it had been powerful.

The next year I was crewing at Tony's introductory event, 'Unleash The Power Within'. During a break I was walking down the aisle when a stranger stopped and told me that she recognised me from 'Date With Destiny'. She remembered me standing up and speaking and thanked me for inspiring her. She amazed me but I realised the powerful lesson that was there for me.

My Mind and Communication

My mind works to communicate some important issues and it does it often without me understanding what is going on.


My life works on two levels at the same time. There is the progression of life from birth to death. This is about living the best life I can. About creating and fulfilling intentions and serving the people around me, especially my family. At the same time there is what I call a meta-level of inspiration which works beyond my intention or knowledge.

I see this in the story of the bee. The bee flies from flower to flower fulfilling its life work of collecting nectar to take back to the hive to make honey. This feeds the Queen Bee and the young bees to ensure the survival of the hive. Unknown to the bee its destiny is to carry pollen from flower to flower to enabled reproduction of the flowers.

Big Ideas

In working at the 37,000 foot level I enable people to see the patterns in life and to connect the dots in their own life. Whether it is about the sweep of history or the pattern of behaviour in someone's own life I point out the flow. This is helpful in my work coaching or mentoring men. I help them see the relevance of masculinity in the world at large as well as seeing how they can seek their own masculinity.


I tap into the creative flow that goes through me. One of the great things about embracing creativity is being open to where it is going to lead. Intuition is about knowing something is right without proof or even knowledge. Its about connecting to our source and opening the channel.


The ideas I love communicating the most are the lessons I draw for people. These are lessons I drawn in my own life, lessons of being a man, lessons of relationship, lessons from failure and success. I outline these lessons for people who are unable to see them for themselves. I outline them because I am capable of teaching them in a clear and concise manner. I outline them because I am drawn to do this, because I sense that it is part of the purpose of my life.

My mind is a critically important part of me, one that I celebrate.