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The site covers a range of subjects connected with areas of change, challenge and self-development. Six general subject areas cover the ideas behind the posts. Click on the one that interests you to see the writing in that area.

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Awareness is a critical quality for everyone. before being able to deal with the world you need to be able to deal with yourself, and that starts with understanding yourself. Awareness of what makes you tick is the getway to a deeper understanding of life. What is your motivation, how to be present, what you are proud of and respecting your boundaries are all areas of scrutiny.

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It takes courage to change, to see a new perception on life, on your life. The gap is the difference between where you are now and where you would like to be. Change is about bridging that gap. Are you seeking radical transformation or merely looking foe some success in life. You can find the answers here.

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What is the experience of being a man? What is it that makes a man? Men range from being leaders to sexual abusers. What is it that makes a man one or the other? The influence of fathers and mothers is critical in its effect on you. Anger can be a defining characteristic , the anger that comes from unclear boundaries.

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Moving away from the hard areas of challenge and change life becomes more powerful and interesting when you consider the inspiration that lies behind much of what we do and think. From the more involved areas of yoga and meditation to the more intangible ones of philosophy and spirituality. What lies behind your thinking?

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What is the power of masculinity, what lies behind it. What distinguishes masculinity in the gender battles which seem constant today. Are emotions or sex more important in creating sexual polarity and intimacy between two people? Read about control and how it affects people.

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Relationships drive most of life, from intimate ones with your partner to the wider networks of family, colleagues and friends. Do the impulses behind loving a woman have anything in common with your connection with your father. How can you develop either or both of these to bring renewed joy and peace to your life?