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These posts cover all three areas of masculinity, spirituality and transformation. You can use the Categories menu function above to see the posts for each individual category. The custom post types are also available above.

the truth about obesity in men
© Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose (cropped)

Obesity in Men: What Is The Truth? What Can Men Do?

Britain’s fattest man, Carl Thompson, was 33 years old and weighed 65 stone when he died in 2015. For those not from Britain, that is 410 kilos or 910 pounds. He was housebound, bed-ridden and alone.

how to love a man
© James Wheeler (cropped)

How to Love a Man — 10 Steps for Women

Here is the lowdown for women on ‘How To Love A Man’. It is a necessary guide for today’s men. Men need to feel good about themselves and often don’t. They may live in their power but not be convinced by it.

how to love a woman
© hehaden (cropped)

How To Love A Woman – 10 Ways For Men To Love

Men seek comfort, confirmation that they are ok. Most men are, at heart, uncertain about themselves. Of course men want answers to many questions, and an important one is ‘How to Love a Woman?’

patience is to be calm
© Miwok (cropped)

Patience Is To Be Calm No Matter What Happens

I have learned to surrender and celebrate what happens. I celebrate the results as they take me to unexpected places. My acceptance and calmness is unexpected but my reaction improves in the situation.

golden eagle
© Denali National Park and Preserve (cropped)

The Eagle Soared While The Sparrow Sang

These two birds are encouraging me to remember my skills and talents and continue to use them to create and inspire. It is absolutely clear that it is time for me to soar into my spiritual future.

that dress
© dianawho2013 (cropped)

Tell Your Wife The Truth About That Dress

How I came to terms with what it means to tell the truth and be authentic. Yoga Philosophy was the key to this difficult lock. The answer I found incolves compassion and understanding.

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