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When Was Your Spiritual Awareness Last Challenged?

When did you last see your life from a completely different perspective? When did you last wonder where your life was going? Think about the situation you were placed in through your birth and why you made the choice you did.
A Spiritual Warrior embraces noble personal attributes and strengths, he is someone who masters himself, overcomes personal desire, moral issues, and all weaknesses of character. He is someone who embraces a journey of self discovery so he can inspire others as well as enlighten himself.


I realise that this is a noble ambition, but maybe one that is out of reach of most people. I realise that it is out of reach for me.

Confucius said,

Life is really simple, but men insist on making it complicated.

This is what I have done, made it complicated. I have made the ambition lofty and sufficiently amazing to draw you forward and ensure you never actually get there.


I have come to this conclusion after finishing Jeff Brown’s book ‘Soulshaping’. It reveals his struggle to equate his soul journey with his need for certainty and security. He outlines his need for a spiritual life, to align with his soul purpose, as well as a physical life with all trappings of house, income etc.

He outlines his idea of ‘Ascending with both feet on the ground’ as part of his concept of Soulshaping. He says,

Soulshaping is a philosophy of grounded spirituality. We grow by coming down into our body and our personhood and learning the lessons necessary for our expansion. Ascending with both feet on the ground is the idea that our ascension to a more heightened consciousness can only be sustained if it is an embodied unfolding from the ground up. This philosophy bridges the Eastern quest for the eternal with the Western quest for emotional health.

In his approach it is necessary to establish your feet on the ground first, before you can ascend to a spiritual realm. You need to know who you are and what your qualities are before you can inspire others as well as enlighten yourself, as I said at the beginning.

You need to ‘do the work’ of self development and self awareness before you can find or understand your soul purpose.

Jeff goes on to define his concept of Soulshaping,

The idea that our soul comes into each lifetime in a particular form, with a natural inclination to evolve beyond it. Our innate image represents the next shape in its evolution. It is the form we are here to embody and humanifest, the next step in our movement toward wholeness.

You need to understand your physical existence here, you need to ground your physical existence here first. Then you can go on to find your purpose.


You understand and ground your physical existence through a journey of awareness and acceptance in order to find your authentic life. My workbook ‘Dealing With Chaos’ takes you through this process, readying you for the next step.

Perhaps this puts a different perspective on your spiritual awareness?

After going through this process you can then be free to pursue your deeper process. One way of doing this is to carry out the following exercise.

Purpose Seeking Exercise

Imagine that before you were born here on earth you were a spirit in the realm of the collective consciousness. As a spirit you have an all seeing eye and an all encompassing understanding. You see something that needs creating or curing on earth and you see how that can be achieved.

You choose to go back to earth as a human to alleviate some suffering or to create some enlightenment. You choose the family you will be born into and the time of your birth to give yourself the greatest chance of succeeding in this mission, this purpose.

Before you are born you go through a process that makes you forget the details of your mission because your mission needs to grow from within the person you choose to be.

Now you are here on earth it is your purpose to find your mission and achieve your objective.

What is it?

Think about the situation you were placed in through your birth and why you made the choice you did. Write down what your purpose is.

The Story of the Bee

In chasing your thoughts and intentions think about the story of the bee.

A bee sees its purpose clearly. It is meant to go out into nature and collect nectar and pollen from flowers to make honey back in the hive. This honey feeds young bees and the Queen Bee.

In nature the bee has a deeper purpose. It is to transfer pollen from flower to flower to allow reproduction. This enables flowers to grow and increase.

The bee does not know its deeper purpose, but it has one.

Perhaps this puts a different perspective on your spiritual awareness? Maybe now you see your life from a completely different perspective? Does it help you understand where your life is going and why you are here?

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