Honour Your Shadow And Change The World

My background is in lighting design. I have spent many years designing lighting for buildings such as museums and cathedrals and, in the process, influencing and improving people's lives.

Through this I have come to understand the totality of what light means to us all, both as a physical entity and as a spiritual concept. Light is the most basic thing in our lives.

Let There Be Light

We all know the following words words. Whether we agree, or not, we know that this is an interpretation of how the world started.

The earth was formless and empty. Darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. God said, Let there be light, and there was light. God saw that the light was good, and He separated the light from the darkness. God called the light 'day' and the darkness he called 'night'. There was evening, and there was morning — the first day.

Do we understand, though, what these words mean. I don't mean in the biblical sense, I mean the sense of what is being said.

Light is the essence, light is the creation, light is the source of everything. To this day light is what keeps us alive, light is what creates our rhythm, light is what clarifies our world.

William Wordsworth said,

Come forth into the light of things.

Inspiration and Light

Recently I spoke at the Annual Conference of the International Association of Lighting Designers, my theme was 'Inspiration and Light'. I looked at the relationship between the physical light we live by and the inner light that drives us, that gives us our soul. Our inner light is what we live by, whether we realise it or not. In conclusion I said to the designers present,

My aim was to inspire you. To inspire you to better work as designers. To inspire you to look at light in a different way. To inspire you to love light even more than you do already.

Look to your Inner Light and see what is there.

I realise, now, that this applies to everyone, not just designers.

I write about creating Visions. I write about living Visions. I write about changing people and the world.

As God separated the light from the darkness, he also separated our inner light from our inner darkness. We all have an inner darkness, what is often called our shadow. Without darkness there can be no light, the darkness allows the light to be, gives it a context.

We should honour our shadow because without it we couldn't have our light and it's our light that gives us our strength. It's our light that is our source, that is our whole being.

We need to bring our shadow into our lives and love the contrast that is revealed. The contrast that makes us whole.