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Change Your View Of Reality

A Perspective That Will Improve Your Life

The way you view the world around you reveals the filter through which you see the world. You see the world through your perceptions, when you change your perceptions your world will change.

You see the world through your perceptions, when you change your perceptions your world will change. Changing your view of reality can have such profound effects that you can attract what you desire.

Your Perception of Reality

The idea that you create your own reality is one that comes from beyond the new-age love of the law of attraction. In yoga philosophy, it is not said that you create your reality but that you create your experience of reality. This is a crucial distinction that is worth exploring. The way you view the world around you reveals the filter through which you see the world. You have created this filter through your reactions to the various life events that you have lived through.

Major events—significant emotional events—create the structure of your perception of reality, while the small events fill in the gaps. The problems that come from this arise when you fail to be aware of the power of the filter you have created.

When you look beyond the reality you see and accept that it is not the 'truth' of what is happening but an 'interpretation' that you have created, you are on the way to changing the filter you see the world through. You only see the world through your perceptions and so when you change your perception, your filter, the world changes.

Have you ever wondered why people see the world in so many different ways? Do you think about why people have such strong arguments about matters of politics in relation to the world they live in?

The answer is simply the variety of filters people see the world through.

The World as an Unfriendly Place

It took me many years to see that my perception of the world as an unfriendly place, full of people who wanted to put me down, was a perception I created for myself. I did this because of how I felt I was treated by my father and brothers, and because of a mild deformity I had from birth. Once I saw this, I was able to go about changing my understanding of these influences, change my view of the world, and change the world I lived in. Not only am I a different person, but the world is a different place.

Esther Hicks, who is well known for channelling 'Abraham' on the law of attraction, said,

Let your dominant intent be to feel good which means be playful, have fun, laugh often, look for reasons to appreciate and practice the art of appreciation. And as you practice it, the Universe, who has been watching you practice, will give you constant opportunities to express it. So that your life just gets better and better and better.


While I accept that there is a lot to mistrust with the law of attraction, there are aspects that are worth pursuing. People often think it is about wishing for something that subsequently happens. A simple example might be that if you focus on winning the lottery, it will happen. It is clear that this is not what happens, this is a mis-interpretation of the mechanism of attraction.

Changing your view of reality can have such profound effects that you can attract what you desire. It is not about wishing for riches but it is changing your view of the world so that you can see riches coming to you. When this happens it is possible that you change the way you interact with people and find it possible to create the riches that you saw as impossible before. It starts with what you do, and as you grow and develop in these actions you will see ever more opportunities appear in front of you.

If you can accept the idea of this working then you need to work on methods of achieving it. Wishing is not enough, you need to take action to improve your life. Through action you will attract the life you want.

There are many ways to go about this but I thought it might be helpful to outline some specific techniques you can use that work for me.

Practicing the art of appreciation allows your life to get better.

Look for ways to feel and express your appreciation for whatever happens to you and whoever you react with. This takes constant awareness of what is happening around you and constant attention to how you can react in a different way.

Doing this gradually deconstructs your built-in perception of the world and enables you to start seeing it in a different way. This will feel strange at first, it may even feel inauthentic. Keep with the practice and you will see life get better.

Letting go of anger and encouraging positivity will bring peace to your life.

Being aware of how you are feeling or reacting during the day and monitoring what is going on inside gives you the opportunity to counter your negative emotions or reactions. Whenever you feel a negative reaction, place your conscious mind on the opposite feeling or reaction. It is important to do this before you say or do anything.

If you feel anger about something then cultivate love, if you feel fear then cultivate courage. You will become aware of the range of negative emotions you experience regularly and you can develop a range of positive emotions to counter them. This will bring increasing peace into your life.

Making the person you find most difficult your best friend will transform your relationships.

We all have people we dislike or do not get on with. If they are people we see regularly, or work with, life can become difficult. Your dislike will be sensed by the other person and their emotion with come back to you. This type of situation is common in the workplace and can spiral out of control.

Despite what you feel about them, despite how they make you react, you can change the entire reaction. In your mind, counter the emotion you feel about them and put in place feelings of love or even worship. See them as an amazing person who transforms your life for the better. Let go of the fact that your instinct says otherwise.

You will be amazed at how quickly your interactions will change. You may not actually become friends but you may start to like each other. Your shift allows and encourages a shift in them. The interaction of these shifts can be amazing.

Find how you project yourself onto others and your world will be radically shifted.

One of the most powerful ways to transform your world can be one of the most difficult to accept. We all see people in the world that we do not like, whether they are family, friends or public figures, such as politicians. It is generally the case that the characteristics we dislike in them are characteristics we, subconsciously, dislike in ourselves. Most of us project our shadow onto other people so that we can express out hatred of it without having to change it.

Whenever you become conscious of disliking someone it can help to isolate what it is that you do not like and look for where that characteristic exists in yourself. Persist with this process until you start to understand more about your shadow, about the parts of yourself that you suppress.

I have always hated people who try to control me or what I do. I came to realise that I have always been a controlling person and have upset many people because of this. Seeing my dislike of controlling people enabled me to acknowledge this quality in myself and allowed me to work on letting go of it.

If you only engage in one of these techniques, I can assure you that your life will change and, the most remarkable will be that, the world will change around you.

Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life—A Shift

Do you feel you have control over the direction your life is taking? Do you want to do something more exciting in your life? Do you seek freedom for the pressure to perform and earn?

Feeling you need to have more control over the direction your life is taking shows that your perspective has become stuck in trying to move away from a life that, you feel, is not treating you well. You have become stuck.

Most people would say that the difference between different perspectives is the outside circumstances surrounding the person having them. They would say that it's simply not possible to choose one or the other. You have to go with the cards you are dealt, you have no say on what happens to you. That is not a perspective that is resignation and stagnation.

I am thinking about this because last night I had a conversation that created a dramatic shift in perspective for me. It was a shift that could significant economic consequences, positive ones--that is more money coming in!

In my writing I am focused on the work I am doing for men to help them find their masculinity and re-awaken their core essence. I am focused on this because I am a man and because I see a desperate need amongst men. I have been writing about and for men, using my life as an example of how to be.

I had a conversation last night, in which I was encouraged to re-focus my work on a completely different market. For me, this would be a complete change of perspective. It would not be a change in what I think or what I am trying to achieve, just a change in perspective. But it is, potentially, a dramatic one.

The idea is that I shift my focus to women. Instead of focusing on men, masculinity and my experience as a man, I should focus on women. The message is the same but it's directed at femininity and power in women. The needs are different but the effect will be the same. Women will listen to me as a man, women are desperate for a shift in men and are willing to achieve that by shifting themselves.

Interestingly, I already has more female visitors than male. Women are more ready to hear the message than men. Women have always shown themselves as leaders.

The Major Shift

This is a change in perspective, not a shift in my circumstances or in the outside world. Because I am a man doesn't mean I can't influence women. I had thought that for no reason other I thought that. Changing my perspective opens up a completely new landscape in front of me.

How can you change your perspective when circumstances seem to prevent it? The major shift you need to make is to change your approach to life from being 'at effect' to being 'at cause'.

This means realising that, whatever your circumstances, you create the life you lead. Life is not created for you by outside circumstances. the well used phrase, 'You get what you focus on', is relevant. When you change your focus life has a way of opening up. Opportunities have a way of appearing. The crucial thing is to remain alert and aware, they come from surprising places.