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Day 22 — Is Your Life A Construction Site Or A Garden?

You are walking along this road of constant change, seeking the ideal you. "Is that it?", you ask, "I keep walking?". Well, yes... and no. Effort is needed, every day. Making a shift is critical but that shift needs to be you.

Effort is Needed

The effort can be physical, active and typically masculine in nature. Your life can become a construction site. The effort can be internal, reflective, nurturing and more feminine in nature. Your life can become a garden.

It really doesn't matter which route you choose, just stick with it and let it work.

Satisfaction does not come with achievement, but with effort. Full effort is full victory.

Mahatma Gandhi

My Experimentation

When I was younger my life resembled a construction site, but the main contractor was a demolition expert. I was constantly leaving things behind, moving on, trying something new. I still do that, but in a more purposeful way. I used to leave something just because I wanted excitement that was different.

I was keen on experimenting and shifting. I was restless and knew it. In recent years I began to nurture my life more, I began to plan and organise and see a way through all the fog and confusion.

I find that, in the end, my life is a synthesis of both methods. I need the construction site when I making major shifts, such as changing my career, and I need the garden when I planting ideas to grow and develop. I am careful, though, not to let the construction site take over and ruin the garden. The garden needs to be built on top to cover and reclaim the mess, to bed it in and ensure a future after the builders have gone.