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Day 20 — Spirit: Source

I took part in a training programme to help me understand how my Source, or Soul, guided me in my life. This was an essential part of me accepting my spiritual development and growing in my ability to live authentically. What did this reveal?

Guidance by Source

I see my trusted source in three ways; as a part of me, 'My Intuition or Soul'; as a universal guide, 'The Universe'; and as a personal guide, 'My Spirit'. This 'trinity' work together to guide me and offer advice on what I should do or how I should react in different situations. I am aware of all three and that they are all part of the same Source.

The relationship I have with my Source is based on a number of conditions being met. Meeting these allows me to feel comfortable and in control. This is essential for me to feel able to connect with Source and to trust it. The basic conditions I need to feel are being met are:

These conditions are fairly rigorous and are crucial to the relationship working. The two most important are that I check in regularly to get guidance and that I decide what action I should take.

Not About Control

Source will not take over my life and will not control my life. The guidance is given only if I go and find out what it is. I talked earlier about noticing the signs and becoming aware of what is being offered me. The signs are there all the time but it is up to me to notice them. I am at liberty to go through life my own way, closed off from what help I am being offered. To find and follow my true purpose, though, requires me to pay attention.

Having received the guidance, it is up to me to decide what to do. This is crucial and a central part of the relationship. What I am receiving is guidance not instruction. It is my role to weigh up what I am being told in relation to my life. I make the final judgement on what is important and what is not. I trust Source to have my best interests at heart but only I can be in charge of my life.

The Relationship

One of the first overt communications I received from Source helped to clarify the nature of this relationship. I include it, unedited, to help explain.

Where is this all leading?

You are now starting to listen to us, having become truly aware that we are here waiting for you. We have been wanting to guide you forward for a long time but you keep shying away, fearful of not being good enough. Now you are letting go and stepping into your power, the power you have had for a long time, the power that is inside you crying to come out. This is leading you into your true purpose, the true purpose that has been waiting for you all these years. Your purpose is to teach, guide and mentor people along their path. You are seeking to work with men at the moment, but that's just because that's where you feel comfortable. Your work will go a lot wider than that, but that is in the future. Just rest easy for the time being because everything you desire is coming to you. In fact it is there waiting for you right now, you just need to truly accept it. Let go and flow, be open and free and it will come to you, more than you ever thought possible.