A Conversation About Men And Sexual Abuse

Join Dr. Vibe and Sat Purusha as they host the discussion 'Men And Sexual Abuse'. The discussions includes how being sexually abused at a young age affected me, and how it took courage for me to share it.

I write about transformation, spirituality and masculinity. I explore what masculinity means in relation to the rest of men's lives. As part of my engagement with others interested the areas I write about I had a conversation with Dr Vibe. We looked at the area of sexual abuse, and its significance in the lives of men and in my life. It has become a cause celebre in the Uk where revelations continue to hit the headlines. Why is this subject so important? What can we do to change the situation?

Men and Sexual Abuse

Watch the video of a discussion between me and Dr Vibe on Men and Sexual Abuse.

Some of the conversation topics were:

  • Some background about me, Purusha.
  • Why do I write about manhood?
  • Being sexually abused at a young age affected me, it took courage for me to share it.
  • How prevalent is male sexual abuse?
  • Some reasons why some men commit sexual abuse.
  • How did the way he was raised affect the way he raised his sons?
  • What men who are sexually abused are telling him and the effects that the event(s) has had on them.
  • My suggestions for men who have been sexually abused.