The courtyard

The Power of Intention

How We Learned About the House that Is for Us!

The Power of Intention, as taught by Wayne Dyer, is very powerful. While the Law of Attraction is about wanting and demanding things, the Power of Intention is about allowing 'what is to be' to happen. It requires self-awareness and letting-go.

Urmila and I used The Power of Intention to confirm our choice of house for the next phase of our life. This happened without our expecting it. On Saturday something happened that took us by surprise.

The Power of Intention

Urmila and I are looking for a new house at the moment ('Internal Or External Focus—How Do We Direct Our Thoughts And Actions?'). We have seen a house with an internal courtyard that we are particularly interested in. On Saturday we went to look at the outside of the house in the context of the area it is in. We set out later than intended but when we arrived at the house something extraordinary happened, there was a surprising coincidence of timing..

Urmila and I often talk about intention and the power of events that seem to be random but are meant to give you a signal or guide as to what to do. Wayne Dyer called this The Power of Intention. It is his alternative to The Law of Attraction. He explained it as follows.

The law of attraction is this: You don't attract what you want, you attract what you are. Most people's mistake in trying to apply the law of attraction is that they want things, they demand things. But God doesn't work that way, it's all about allowing.

So for Dyer the process of allowing, just being and embracing a heightened level of consciousness, is about not attracting what you want, but attracting what you are, so The Power of Intention.

You have to just be. You have to let go. You have to allow. You have to be free and make this your consciousness. Basically, what you would see is a frequency (of energy) that manifests itself through the process of giving, of allowing, of offering and of serving. It asks nothing back.

Wayne Dyer

So The Power of Intention is about starting with clarity about yourself, who you are, and then allowing your life to progress in the way that is intended for you, the way of intention .

Putting It Into Practice

To put this into practice requires a balance of three aspects:

Intention is the part that everyone thinks they understand. I have learned that it is necessary to be clear about intentions. It helps to write them down and put them where you can read them often, where you can remind yourself of them.

Effort is the tough part. You have to do whatever you can to bring the intentions about. It is not enough that to state the intentions and move on, you have to make them part of your life, you have to make an effort.

Divine Grace is the part that comes from outside. This is the part that comes from your connection to the universal consciousness. This is the exciting part and it requires you to allow not control.

When these three aspects are aligned The Power of Intention is at work.

The Courtyard House

So Urmila and I have been discussing what we want and need in the future. We have been discussing what life is for us and where it might take us in the future. We have also been working to find the house, or apartment, that would suit us most within the budget we have. Then we have allowed whatever is appropriate to happen.

In our search, our effort, there have been a number of results come forward that would be possible for us. We have been weighing up the pros and cons of the different options. One of the options that stood out is the house with an internal courtyard. It fulfils many of our wants and needs but is at the top end of our budget. We are left wondering if it is best for us to proceed with this.

So on Saturday we walked down the street towards this house. As we approached it a Spanish woman came walking towards us and started talking to us in Spanish. Urmila's Spanish is good enough to be able to converse now, so she proceeded to respond to the woman's approach.

As the woman talked I was riveted by what she looked like. She was a fairly ordinary middle-aged woman wearing a short smock/jacket that might be worn by someone who worked in a beauty salon. The extraordinary part of her appearance was that her head was completely covered by tin foil! At first I could barely suppress my laughter as I thought about what wearing a tin foil hat meant! Eventually I realised that it probably just meant that she had had her hair dyed and she was allowing it to set. Despite that it still looked extraordinary.

Meanwhile Urmila was having a conversation with her which was about how wonderful the house was and how much the woman admired it. She told us that it was for sale and learned that we were interested in buying it. She told us what a great kitchen it had and how we should absolutely buy it. She knew the owners, who are great people, and she thought it would be great for us.

Then she walked off and disappeared round the corner.

We were left looking at each other and smiling broadly. This was divine grace, this was what is meant by allowing. This was the Power of Intention. This house was for us, without a doubt. The Universe had taken the time to let us know the way forward, and in case we missed it, it used a woman in a tin foil hat to emphasise the fact.