The Eagle Soared While The Sparrow Sang

These two birds are encouraging me to remember my skills and talents and continue to use them to create and inspire. It is absolutely clear that it is time for me to soar into my spiritual future.

I have been up most of last night watching the UK General Election results come in. It was an exciting night that confounded the expectations of most pollsters and pundits. Theresa May, the Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party, did not receive the mandate for ‘strong and stable’ government that she expected, leaving her with the largest party but not with a majority. Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the opposition Labour Party dramatically increased the labour seats in the House of Commons and the Labour share of the vote, despite the predictions of the Labour Party disappearing for decades.

The Extraordinary Encounters I Had

After getting up I sat outside with my wife drinking a hot lemon and discussing the extraordinary results. As we sat gazing at the mountains circling around behind us we saw an eagle floating around high overhead. Although eagles are fairly common in the mountains in this part of Spain, this is the first time I have seen one fly so obviously over our house.

Soon afterwards we sat in the pergola, sheltering from the sun and eating our breakfast. A sparrow flew in and sat on a leg of the pergola and chirped away at us. For a few minutes I had a ‘conversation’ with the bird who was not concerned that we were so near. We see many sparrows around our house, but they tend to be more wary of us and never have one so directly communicated with me.

I was struck by the closeness of these encounters, realising that there was deep significance here. It is relatively easy to see this but less easy to interpret what is going on. Thinking through what happened and understanding the significance of the two birds I realised that this revelation was, for me multi-layered.

The Significance of the Eagle and the Sparrow

To see these layers it is necessary to first look into the energetic significance of the two birds.

The Eagle: An eagle appears to inspire a person to be courageous and to stretch their limits. It is time for them to reach higher and become more than they believe they are capable of. It is time to look at things from a new, higher perspective, to be patient with the present, and know that the future holds possibilities that they may not yet be able to see. People influenced by eagles are seen as visionaries, people who are seekers and are willing to push the limits of self-discovery and personal freedom. Eagles bring them a sense of courage and a desire to explore and grow. The lesson of the eagle is to take a look from where it sees, to have the courage to relinquish stale and comfortable beliefs, to soar into unknown and new realities, and to continue to expanding the view. It is the time to take full responsibility for life. As spiritual awareness increases, the positive and negative effects will become more immediate and have greater force.

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The Sparrow: The small sparrow is one of the most common birds but is often overlooked, its power taken for granted. The sparrow energy is both powerful and productive. Its persistence and integrity shows people that they do not have to be big to make a difference, they do not need to have the biggest and best things in order for their voices to be heard. In the wild, these birds are constantly working collecting food and gathering. They teach people to work for what they want. By accomplishing things that they can be proud of, they will continue to boost their self-esteem and sense of worth. The sparrow is a symbol of protection and communal involvement, as they achieve their power through strength of numbers. The sparrow inspires people to stand up for themselves, but also stresses the importance of compassion and the emphasis on teamwork. Sparrows move, eat, rest, and take part in activities as a group, which can be quite intimidating for a predator, no matter how large and fierce it is.

The Big Picture and the Detail

The top layer is the most obvious to me. It confirms that I have a fascinating gift of being able to see the big picture and the details of issues at the same time. The eagle soars overhead seeing far and understanding the lay of the land. The sparrow flies around close to the ground, encountering the individual objects, such as trees and insects, that he has to live with.

This ability was a particular bonus to me in my work as an architectural lighting designer. Design is about marrying the two ends of the scale in any project and success in design is about doing that well. In projects as diverse as cathedrals, theatres, and city lighting strategies, I was able to envision an over-arching theme that was consistent and inspiring. I always conceived this by detailed and close attention to the fine details of equipment, fixings, and client needs.

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These two birds are encouraging me to remember my skills and talents and continue to use them to create and inspire.

The UK Election

These two birds are clearly encouraging me to look anew at what is going on. My scepticism about the abilities of Jeremy Corbyn are seemingly misplaced and due for revision. The eagle is encouraging me to look beyond my narrow personal needs and views to take in the bigger picture. This is something I am good at but have been ignoring. Move beyond my comfortable beliefs and see what is out there in the future, beyond this election and beyond Brexit. There is change in the air and it is time to let my scepticism go and embrace the optimism of British youth.

The sparrow is showing that the detailed work is done in community and the skill of Jeremy Corbyn to harness a community is far more powerful than I have so far realised. The seemingly powerless young people can come together and create great change.

My Spiritual Development

It is absolutely clear that it is time for me to soar into my spiritual future. I am already seeing things which I had up to now ignored. I can tap into large-scale shifts in spiritual energy that are out there right now. I can fly high and focus on the individual items I need to catch onto. The sparrow, however teaches me to work in community, a balance to the loneliness of the eagle. Balance is what achieves growth and success and the balance of the two birds is perfect.

Working in community will not only achieve success through attention to detail but will also back up the strength of the eagle with the strength of the sparrow.

The working out of the details of these revelations is for another time, but a time that is not far distant. On the Summer Solstice my wife and I are having a Celebration of Light to honour our name days. It will be a year since I adopted my new name and it will be a time to reflect on where this change is taking me. That is why these two birds appeared to me today and spoke to me.

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