The 5 Principles Of Power—How To Achieve Radical Transformation

Do you live a life of inner power? Do you live life by a guiding set of principles? Or is your life just random and unfocused? Your awareness can expand exponentially and life can take on new meaning.

I have been changing my life recently. I have been going through a process of identifying what serves me in life and what doesn't. I will be writing more on the details of this transformation in a future post, but now I want to outline a simple set of principles that I have adopted to frame how I live. The context of adopting these principles is that I have wanted to bring more energy and excitement into my life. It is already pretty exciting, but I would never refuse even more.

Inner Power

Have you ever wondered...

  • Where is your life going?
  • Why you work in a job you don't enjoy?
  • Why your business is not successful?
  • Why abundance seems to evade you?
  • Why you find it difficult finding a relationship that lasts?
  • Why your partner doesn't seem to love you?
  • Why your life lacks purpose?
  • Why you don't really enjoy what you are doing?
  • What life is for?
  • Why you get angry so easily?
  • Why others are responsible for you lack of achievement?
  • Where your courage went?
  • Why you can't settle on what you business should be?
  • Why you jump on the latest idea and find it doesn't work?
  • How you can transform your life?

Achieving Inner Power should be the ultimate aim of your life. Through achieving power you will open up possibilities in your life that you have, so far, only dreamed of, now they will become realities. You will see the journey you need to make to realise the vision you will create for your life, a journey of passion.

The 5 Principles

The 5 Principles of Power will open up what is already inside you, waiting to be revealed and explored.

They are:

Passionate Involvement

The ability to develop Passionate Involvement in every aspect of your life.

This means your work, your business, your relationship, your family, your finances, your life balance, your health, your friendships, and many other areas. It is about not walking through a life of non-involvement, not allowing others to control you and what you do.

Outstanding Vision

Creating a vision for the rest of your life that will lead you to living beyond expectations.

The vision should be dynamic, realistic, and outrageous. It should excite you and scare you at the same time. Destroy the barriers of your comfort zone and seek the excitement you crave while living a balanced, independent life.

Wild Sexuality

The need to explore and accept the energy in your inner core.

Living in the core of the masculinity or femininity that drives you. When you fully live who you are, your sexuality becomes a vital part of you. When you have a fully balanced life, your passion comes from deep inside you. Let it out and let it take you forward with wildness and exhilaration. Sexuality is not something to be afraid of, it is something to be enjoyed.

Energetic Connection

Your soul is a critically important part of you.

Your spirituality should be at the forefront of your life. No matter what you believe in, explore it and make it central to everything you do. Put your soul into your business and your relationships, understand where your power and passion come from. We are all connected at an energetic level and when you energise your life you open up this connection to the power of the collective consciousness.

### Radical Transformation

Change is important to the growth and development of your life.

But change is slow and often imperceptible. You change all the time, but not always for the better. You need to experience your own 'Road To Damascus' moment when everything shifts, when you see everything from a new perspective. Your awareness expands exponentially and life takes on totally new meanings. When you apply the formula to all parts of your life nothing will ever be the same again.


My Vision is for you to achieve Inner Power in your life, as I have in mine.

'POWER' represents the 5 principles I have outlined above that you need to incorporate into your life to achieve your dreams.

  • P assionate Involvement
  • O utstanding Vision
  • W ild Sexuality
  • E nergetic Connection
  • R adical Transformation