Summer daisies in water

Summer Fun and Chaos

How parts of the world are falling apart

It's summer and life is getting busy. Hot days and warm nights and a distinct feeling of laziness. Yet life continues relentlessly. Our move is rushing ahead with mortgage, paperwork and packing vying for attention. The Tour de France has moved down from Denmark through Belgium and Switzerland into France. Today is the first rest day, a day for Tadej Pogacar to rest and keep smiling and for us to catch up with what is happening.

On a grimmer note the UK is tearing itself apart as Conservative leadership contenders challenge each other to be nastier than the next one. The unQC Braverman wants to come out of the ECHR, trash Britain's reputation and kill the Good Friday agreement in Ireland. One of the favourites, Ben Wallace, withdraws because he realises that having been a British Army Intelligence Officer during the troubles in NI is probably not a good start for a PM. I wonder what secrets are hidden there.

In the USA the political system continues to crumble as the Supreme Court confirms it is not a court at all but the core of the Republican Party. Rights are fading away as people continue to be shot on a daily basis, why does this not rile people up? What hope is there for the country and its people? What is going to happen if, as predicted, people vote Republican in the upcoming elections despite hating what the Republicans want to do? It make no sense.

Then there is the asassination of the Japanese Prime Minister, mass shooting in South Africa, insurrection against the government in Sri Lanka.

The war crimes and genocide continue in Ukraine as Russia reacts to sanctions by dangling mass hunger over the world by stealing Ukraine's grain. The killing and destruction continues without any seeming let up.

I am letting go of writing any more. I am surrendering to the desire to enjoy the sunshine and have a rest. Have a great week everyone, talk to you again next Monday.