The Courage To Change—To Feel Love—To Feel Important

When we first met you were crazy about her. You couldn't stop talking about her. You wanted so much to be with her, all the time, but you couldn't make it work. You needed her to show you the way. It fell apart...

I wonder, What do you want in life? When we first met you were crazy about her. She was passionate and experienced and she blew your world apart. I knew then you couldn't cope. You wanted so much to be with her, all the time, but you couldn't make it work. You never found the courage to change.

The Courage To Change - What Went Wrong

But that was early on. You had led a sheltered life where women were concerned, you were inexperienced. You needed her to show you the way. That was OK, she was willing to help, she saw the future.

But it never happened, it fell apart.

What went wrong? Where was your energy? Where were you as a man? Why did you not find the courage to love?

You hung around her, desperate for her love. You sat and waited, letting your life drift away. I talked to you and got you to see that you needed to detach from her, be yourself, be strong. You needed take risks, you needed to allow the relationship not to happen. You needed to show what you were and let her choose.

She needed to come to you, to your strength and courage. But you were too scared she wouldn't, too scared you weren't enough. You couldn't see that as long as you thought that you wouldn't be enough you would never find her love, never find the courage to change.

She wanted you out of her life and didn't believe it. She couldn't bear the pain of you betraying yourself, of you not being what you could be. You kept calling and she cut you off. She pushed you away. Did you get the message? I don't think so.

So what do you want. You want to feel love. You want to feel important. You want to find your strength and courage. You want her to come to you.

Too late she will never do that now. She is with another, she is with a man, a man who worships her, who gives her the strength she always sought. She is with a man who pushed her into her feminine, made her a woman.

What Went Wrong

What is next for you? What will you do? How will you face life? Will you have the courage to change?

Start by no longer seeing any of it as being someone else's fault. Take responsibility and own who you are. Then just walk away, away from the the past, away from the pain. You know how to do it, you know what is involved. You just need to make that switch in your head, you need to make the decision.

Make your life your own. Find your focus and get on with your life. Understand who you are and understand that you need no-one else to make you whole. You don't need the relationship to complete you. You need nothing more than you are. Perhaps you don't need your shift after all?

Once you are there it will start to happen for you. But you need to courage in your heart first.