Day 1 — Do You Love Yourself?

In learning how to love others it is critical to start by loving yourself. If you are unable to love yourself you are unable to love someone else. Men have trouble with this. They might respect themselves but loving themselves, that's a bit sissy. No it's not!

The Beginning

This is an issue that men face, but often don't realise they do. They want to know how to love, how to have a great marriage but they miss the essentials of understanding themselves. It's only through understanding the self that love can grow. It's only through loving yourself that love of others can grow.

Start by loving yourself. This is not being selfish. If you are unable to love yourself you are unable to love someone else.
Graham Phoenix

The Process

Answer the questions below. It is critical that you take part in this process and that you fully engage in it and create change within yourself. Taking part in the process of self-enquiry and testing will enable you to fully absorb the lessons and get the most benefit from them.

Take some time to consider the questions. It is important that you go deep inside to seek the answers. It is important that the answers come from your heart. If conducted with care this process will lead to extraordinary results.


  • Honestly ask the question, do you love yourself? If you are unsure then ask yourself, can you love yourself?
  • If you answered yes then write down all the ways you love yourself, write down all the things you love about yourself. You can be honest, no-one else is going to read this.
  • If you answered no or aren't sure then write down all the parts of yourself that get in the way. What is it you aren't sure of? What don't you like?
  • Can you let go of the things that get in the way? What would it take to love yourself? What are the things you could love about yourself?