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Day 2 — The Dawn Will Banish The Cold

Self Awareness leads to re-awakening. The re-awakening of the self that is buried inside, the re-awakening of you as a man. It's about the discovery and welcoming into your life of what is already there, buried deep down.

Expectation of Change

Having faced the issue of self-love you are ready to move on and appreciate what is coming during this period. You have experienced a taste of the process and you should understand that this is essentially an internal process, one that involves your mind, your heart and your emotions.

It is important that you become increasingly aware of what is going on inside you and that you are ready for the subtle shifts that will take place. It is the expectation of change that will ensure that change happens. The nature of the change you are yet to learn, but the fact of it happening is already established.

We must learn to reawaken and keep ourselves awake, not by mechanical aid, but by an infinite expectation of the dawn.

Henry David Thoreau

The Dawn

I love the dawn. I remember camping out in the Scottish Mountains and being aware of the subtle change in light that preceded dawn itself. This was noticed by insects, birds and other animals, who saw it as the start of another cycle of life, another awakening.

The dawn banishes the cold of night, brings light into the darkness.

The beauty of dawn is always heralded by subtle, almost imperceptible shifts in the light. In this modern world we have ceased to notice these shifts. Living in the Spanish mountains I have become increasingly aware of them.

The light pollution of the modern world that masks these shifts can be likened to the noise of the life you lead. The pace and intensity of life can mask what is happening inside you to the point where you cease to understand yourself.

It's time to become aware of yourself and live beyond the noise.