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Day 16 — Heart: Living

Winding up this section on my emotional heart I am thinking about the many systems that exist for living my truth and acting with emotional authenticity. What is a simple way I can look at myself, daily, and stay on track.

Dealing With Triggers

I need a method that is easy to remember, that is clear to understand and that is, above all, effective. I want to be true to myself and others on a daily basis, but I do not want to be breaking off to do a complex process.

Tapping is a popular method, but I would need to do it in the privacy of my room. It can look a little weird to be tapping my head and face and talking to myself in a cafe!

One method that I like is the 'Four Agreements' by Don Miguel Ruiz. They are easy to remember and I can think them through in my head when I am with people. After all it is when I am with others that the triggers happen.

The Four Agreements are:

These are powerful as a basis for life. Just taking the second and third to heart would transform my life.

I have found that taking things personally has caused more heartache for me than almost anything else. When I sit back and think about what is happening I know it is never about me. That is not always what I think in the moment.

Making assumptions is another way of taking things personally. When I assume something I take the arrogant step of thinking I know all the answers.

Living in Harmony

Looking forward I am committed to continuing the journey of clearing my emotional baggage and living my emotional truth. I will be open, honest and transparent in my dealings with other people, and with myself. I am committed to living true to the way I want to live and not live to satisfy the needs and wishes of other people.

I want to live in harmony with others and in community with some people, especially my wife. I will do this, however, with emotional authenticity. I will be authentic about myself and let others live their life their way.

This may seem like a selfish way to live, it is not. Once I stop projecting my emotional issues on to others, once I stop taking things personally, life with be clearer, for me and those I am with. I will be able to live in my power and inspire people with how I live with myself.