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It is hard for men to find a role model of masculinity that challenges them and brings out the best in them. Today men can grow by undertaking a rite of passage through seeking their own transformation.

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Session 6: Live Your Passion

You need to address the question of change to embrace it fully. You need to change if you are going to receive the benefits the course is offering. This is where you find your vision and your passion. Your vision is what inspires you.

Session 7: Understand Women

In understanding women, you need to have balance and understand men as well. In doing this, you will look at how men and women process emotions in different ways and understand how you process emotions.

Session 8: Be A Leader

Being a leader is about how you influence others. In your relationship, it is important that your love gives your partner freedom to be herself, freedom to fly and be a woman. You become a leader, not just in your life, but in your relationship.

Session 9: Be Present

The quality of presence is a crucial one that all women look for in a man. You need to be present with her and hold her in your presence. In doing this, you need to understand what is behind your love, at issues of need, desire and control.

Session 10: Have Sexual Polarity

Sexual polarity sits as one of the twin pillars at the heart of any relationship. It is a powerful energy that draws two people together and creates excitement in their relationship. It can come to dominate if it is the sole source of attraction.

Session 11: Love Your Woman

Intimacy is the heart of any emotional relationship. It is what provides the balance to the physical. Intimacy is particularly important for a woman, who often seeks intimacy before sex, where a man can seek sex before intimacy.

Posts 7 to 12 of 13

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