the experience of men with change and challenge

Core Beliefs

Vulnerability And Shame For Men—This Is Not About Weakness:

awareness and wisdom, core beliefs

Men see vulnerability and shame as weakness. Men hide vulnerability and shame under a mask of emotional control. How can they live in their vulnerability?

I Am Proud Of My Core Beliefs—I Stand For What I Believe:

awareness and wisdom, core beliefs

My core beliefs are what I stand for, what I believe in. My views and beliefs are clear and open here and they always will be.

The Challenge of Being a Modern Man—Can You Cope?:

awareness and wisdom, core beliefs

A Modern Man, is he in trouble? Is the man dealing with life a rarity? That men recognise the challenges and are working for the future gives me hope.

Your Masculine Features—They Drive You:

awareness and wisdom, core beliefs

Masculine Features represent the maleness that men were born with. Many men believe that we are masculine and feminine inside. This is the lie that it is a social construct.