Moving away from the hard areas of challenge and change life becomes more powerful and interesting when you consider the inspiration that lies behind much of what we do and think. From the more involved areas of yoga and meditation to the more intangible ones of philosophy and spirituality. What lies behind your thinking?

Kali and Tantra—Lessons for Men

In Tantra one thing has had a powerful effect on me, that is the special relationship between men and women. The story of Kali draws powerful lessons for men from this. Men will be well to look further into this to improve their relationships.

The Eagle Soared While The Sparrow Sang

These two birds are encouraging me to remember my skills and talents and continue to use them to create and inspire. It is absolutely clear that it is time for me to soar into my spiritual future.

Tell Your Wife The Truth About That Dress

How I came to terms with what it means to tell the truth and be authentic. Yoga Philosophy was the key to this difficult lock. The answer I found involves compassion and understanding.

Young And Hopeless—I'm Angry At My Father

I love the energy and honesty of punk music and I wish more people would see it as music to inspire young kids rather than as rebellion to be crushed. It has an amazing power to tell the truth.

How I Connected With The Soul Of The Universe

In my years of seeking I had a feeling that my life was about more than just living in the period from birth to death. There seemed to be a destiny that was calling me like Santiago in ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho.

The Day Christmas Died

Christmas is a time for family celebrations until it becomes a weapon in a family battle. It was clear that things were bad. There was no way he could hide any of it or pretend any more. It was such a relief to let it all out at last.

I'm in Trouble Now and I Don't Even Know What For!

I remember a defining moment from my childhood. It helped to shape my relationship with my father and mother. It made me think about myself in a new way. At the time it was devastating for me.

How Yoga Helped Me Find The Stillness In Masculinity

I have found that Yoga has enabled me to balance my personality and find my Still Point. I use it to observe myself and deepen my masculinity with compassion, awareness and understanding.

Purusha—Spiritual Man

My life is changing, not the continual change that is always there—the arrow of time—but a dramatic shift that recognises the true me. This has been coming at me as a raging bull, something I can no longer ignore.

My Decade of Freedom Before Middle Class Life Drew Me Back

I remember the 60's and 70's, my years of rebellion, and how they ended up in the power of marriage, parenthood and ordinary life. The end came when I met a girl and fell in love. I felt connected, wanted and desired.

Being Young and Free—Causing Chaos

It is something I yearn for because I know I can never go back there. In truth I yearn for it with the knowledge and experience I have today. But in the end what is essential is to take control of your own life.

What Is The Point Of Creativity In Writing?

On the whole there are only three reasons for writing online; making money, creating a brand or a love of writing/creativity. The important thing, though, is to keep at it, to keep writing as if your life depended on it.

Let Go - Digital Clearing

Life, I have found, has been a process of accumulation. To move forward, though, it is necessary to clear out possessions, clutter, thoughts and energy. I am working on electronic clearing, I have found it takes major decisions.

Ode to Joy - Sometimes the Old Ones are the Best Ones

I look at the power of 'Ode to Joy' written in 1785 by German poet, Friedrich Schiller. As you read it, feel your soul and sense the joy there. That’s where the hope for our future is.

Get Up, Stand Up, Don't Give Up The Fight!

Bob Marley, famously, told people to stand up for their rights. To do that he told them to 'Get Up, Stand Up, Don't Give Up The Fight!'. You can take this message into your business and create success.

I Want Respect—On Punk Music and Learning Disabilities

I attended the first night of a Punk Music Tour and discovered what inclusion for those with learning disabilities really means. It was a celebration of the lack of any barriers. Most of all, though, it was a night of great music.

When a Man's Responsibility Has Gone - What is There Left

Men keep going because their wife, children, colleagues expect them to. They keep going because of the shame of giving up. Men often only see their justification in terms of their responsibility to other people.

When Was Your Spiritual Awareness Last Challenged?

When did you last see your life from a completely different perspective? When did you last wonder where your life was going? Think about the situation you were placed in through your birth and why you made the choice you did.

Taking Control—How To Avoid Getting Beaten Up

Have you ever felt the urge to exert control? Have you ever needed to get people to listen to you? Have you ever resorted to violence to be in charge? The answer should be no, but is too often yes!

My Experience Of Male Sexuality—How I Came To Enjoy Sex

Sex is something we all want, but do we enjoy it? Sex is something we all have, but does it make us feel better? My experience of sex left a lot to be desired. I did not understand my Male Sexuality.

As A Writer I Had To Find My Writing Voice—To Become A Writer

At the beginning of 2011 I said to myself, "I am now a writer". The easy part was over. I now set about finding my writing voice. I had to understand howto use my experience and learning.

If You Can Keep Your Head—You'll Be A Man

If by Rudyard Kipling is a poem that speaks to the heart of a masculinity that is rare today. The idea of being a man, today, has been caught up in a gender discussion on equality that is purely political.

Getting Old? Absolutely Not!

I refuse to get old and expect to become a cantankerous old man. May you all look forward to years of fun and danger and may you scare the wits out of your children. I fully intend to honour my life by being everything I can be until I drop dead.

Emotional Abuse—I Still Want To Kick The Shit Out Of Him...

Being dominating and using emotional abuse is as bad as being physically abusive. By helping men to see the importance of compassion I seek to help them to see that their relationships with others need to be through consent.

How To Create Online Courses

I am in the middle of the creation of my new online course for men. I thought it might be helpful to those contemplating this route to freedom to understand the process of how to create online courses. How to open up.

Surrender is the Tenderest Impulse of the Heart

Surrender is being alert to exactly what is happening now, not in the past. Surrender as a spiritual practice shows a depth of knowledge and understanding of yourself that is undeniable.

Infinite Expectation Of The Dawn—Find Your Brilliance

The influence of spiritual energy in our lives goes beyond our expectations. How do you relate to the environment you live in? What appreciation of the flow of nature do you have?

Shiva Shakti—Ambiguity And Paradox—Creation and Destruction

Shiva cycles through the process of creation, preservation, dissolution and recreation. Balancing my look at the Bushido Code, I am looking at Shiva Shakti, the Hindu god.

Bushido Code—The Samurai For Todays Men

Gone are the days when we were loyal to others no matter what. Gone are the days of adherence to a code such as the Bushido Code. Nowadays we feel we can be loyal if there is something in it for us. Loyalty can be bought.

Handfasting, a Dance Invitation and Fulfilling a Prediction

In thinking about my handfasting, I go back over 50 years ago to a trip to Yugoslavia, into what is now Serbia. I was a young man on my first extensive trip abroad. I stayed with Mama Lepa, my sister-in-law's mother.

He Is A Rogue—He Has The Best Male Blog

I am a man and I am a blogger. I've turned it back on itself—I blog about men! We all know rogues, they are focused, calculating, dedicated, the qualities of a real rogue—and the qualities of a successful blog.

Seven Ages Of Man—What Are They Today?

The Seven Ages of Man is one of Shakespeare's most famous speeches. It begins with the famous, All the worlds a stage. Is there any modern equivalent of his ages, are they applicable today?

Be A Man—When I Let Go I Became A Man

The Grand Canyon had always been fascinating to me, the scale, the emptiness, the unexpectedness of it. We sat on the edge amongst the crowds and gazed at the empty space. A great place to be a man?

Who Is Graham Phoenix?

I am Graham Phoenix and like many bloggers I have been inspired by Corbett Barr to expose myself and talk about me, talk about who the hell I am. I have also been inspired by Jayson Gaddis to be authentic and speak my shit.

Aching Joints, How They Can Renew Your Life

I have been through an extraordinary journey of pain, with severe aching joints. I started to experience serious pain in my spine and particularly in my wrists and hands.