It takes courage to change, to see a new perception on life, on your life. The gap is the difference between where you are now and where you would like to be. Change is about bridging that gap. Are you seeking radical transformation or merely looking foe some success in life. You can find the answers here.

Patience Is To Be Calm No Matter What Happens

I have learned to surrender and celebrate what happens. I celebrate the results as they take me to unexpected places. My acceptance and calmness is unexpected but my reaction improves in the situation.

Four Ways Of Changing Your View Of Reality That Will Improve Your Life

You see the world through your perceptions, when you change your perceptions your world will change. Changing your view of reality can have such profound effects that you can attract what you desire.

Each Day I Start Again To Clean The Slate

Life is a road I travel on and each day I do a little more to create the life I love. However, each day I need to clean up the results of what has gone before. I need to see what has gone wrong and sort it out.

The 5 Principles Of Power—How To Achieve Radical Transformation

Do you live a life of inner power? Do you live life by a guiding set of principles? Or is your life just random and unfocused? Your awareness can expand exponentially and life can take on new meaning.

Mindset for Success—Do You Have The Right Attitude?

Mindset is critical to success, you are told, without it you can never make your business work. I have found this to be true, but what is a mindset for success, and how do you make it work for yourself?

The Pursuit Of Happiness—How Men Can Be Happy?

The United States Declaration of Independence says that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and Happiness.

The Difference Between Risk And Uncertainty—The Way To Grow

In my life I face risk and uncertainty. What is the difference between them? How can I be confident in the future? You enable your growth and development through the power of living in this uncertainty.

The Brave Put Down Their Fear And Go Forward

What are you most fearful of? Do you have a fear of success? What is the worst thing that could happen to you? What is it that you secretly dread more than anything else? Do you have a fear of success or failure?

Vision and Goals—Buzz Aldrin's Experience

Do you have a sense of vision, a sense of a clear direction? I often ask myself the question, 'What is my purpose in life?' I always get the same answer, 'To find your purpose!' What help is that? How does that get me to my vision and goals?

In Personal Development What Kind of Climber Are You?

There are three types of landscape in Personal Development, Mountains, Plateaux and Valleys. We all love to grow and develop, especially if we have been involved in personal development.

Hierarchy, Structure And Challenge—How Men Thrive

As men we thrive on hierarchy, structure and challenge. In tribal societies it is through challenge that men establish hierarchy and prove that they are men. Now we need to be responsible for saving ourselves.

Mountain Challenge for Men—Who Needs Them?

If I step outside the door at the house in Andalucia, Spain, and look to the right I see a ridge of three peaks. The one on the left is the highest at 888 metres. It's a gentle peak over rough country. A mountain challenge all the same.

5 Questions To Reclaim Your Life

I focus on my inner soul and my relationships with others, I focus on what kind of person I am. As I achieve change, as I attain my vision, I find that satisfaction with this creates a new stagnation. So I start again.

Honour Your Shadow And Change The World

My background is in lighting design. I have spent many years designing lighting for buildings such as museums and cathedrals and, in the process, influencing and improving people's lives.

The Secret of Being Successful

Success was an important part of my life for many years. In many ways it still is, but it seems different now, more about me, inside, more about the secret of being successful. If you don’t feel passion for what you do, forget it.

How Cycling Can Change Your Life

We have left Holland to live in Spain. Just to complete our stay there I want to write one last cycling article. Vision is the overall idea for a trip, goals are what you intend to achieve at each stage on the way.

The Courage To Change—To Feel Love—To Feel Important

When we first met you were crazy about her. You couldn't stop talking about her. You wanted so much to be with her, all the time, but you couldn't make it work. You needed her to show you the way. It fell apart...

Guide To Success—There's No One Moment

Gary Vaynerchuk is an incredible communicator and an honest, passionate human being. Gary is a powerful guide to success. There are many great ideas but the one that resonates with me is, “There’s no one moment!”